For a World FREE of Breast Cancer!

Help prevent and fight breast cancer in The Bahamas with this cancer awareness jewellery collection made of precious stones, silver and gold

A crowd-funding campaign developed by BEACH BY JEWEL swimwear brand

The cancer awareness C.U.R.E collection, is a creation of BEACH BY JEWEL, a new brand of luxurious swimwear that’s designed to compliment the natural beauty of every woman – which is why our brand chose to support finding a cure for the breast cancer epidemic, especially in The Bahamas, where BEACH BY JEWEL is based, supporting women and their brave fight to prevent and heal from cancer.

To say that breast cancer is an epidemic is actually an understatement – especially if we consider that The Bahamas has the highest rate of breast cancer per capita in the World. The reality is that breast cancer can be effectively prevented, when there is sufficient awareness, and patient support available.

That’s why our C.U.R.E.

That’s why our C.U.R.E. project offers a unique way of both raising awareness and raising funds to cure cancer with our exclusive pieces of jewellery made with a purpose – to honor the fallen, cherish the living, and help cure cancer.

This special collection of bracelets and pendants made with precious stones, sterling silver or solid gold can have your loved one’s name engraved on the pendant, as a memorable way of celebrating that person’s life, and how she survived cancer. Alternatively, you can have the name of your loved one lost to cancer, engraved on a beautiful pendant, that will help that special person’s memory to live forever.

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Want to help cure cancer and make sure that the memory of those who fought it lasts forever?

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This crowd funding campaign is a social engagement initiative